Get Ahead of Cyber Threats With Pen Testing and Assessments

Remediating cyber threats and vulnerabilities with proactive cyber security support before they become a costly problem.

With a team of experts by your side, our Pen Testing and Assessments will assess your critical security vulnerabilities with a range of Penetration Testing Services, including infrastructure, web application and many more. We’ll safely exploit your cyber security vulnerabilities in a controlled manner and with minimal disruption.

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Cyber Security / PEN Testing and Assessments

We’ll safely exploit your security vulnerabilities in a controlled environment to identify your risk areas.


Penetration tests, or pen tests, are a strategic way to identify weaknesses in your IT systems that could become access points for cyber criminals or malicious attackers. Cyber threats are a growing concern for UK businesses and as they become increasingly more intelligent, regular pen testing is ideal for combatting those risks.

Whilst pen testing isn’t a legal requirement for UK businesses, organisations that need to comply with standards such as ISO27001 do need to conduct pen tests at least once a year. We recommend doing so more often, so you can have peace of mind that the security measures which are put in place are working in the way they should be.

Our team of cyber security experts use a holistic approach, covering several areas of your business which are commonly used to exploit weaknesses. We’ll use intelligent hacking methods to emulate a real attack and try to infiltrate your systems and data and help identify any areas of concern. We’ll help you understand the threats, the severity of them and prioritise any next steps.

We’ve been looking after businesses with their IT for well over 30 years and we know that the organisations who take a proactive approach to their IT and cyber security have less issues and can therefore focus their time on what they do best.

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Creating a robust cyber defence for Advantage Finance, with Pen testing.

Advantage Finance provide finance for car loans for used cars. In terms of loan applications, Advantage Finance processed over 1.4 million in 2020 and now have over 170 staff working for them. Watch our video case study to see how we helped Advantage Finance with their proactive IT solutions (pen) and cyber security strategy.

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We wanted to have someone that would understand what Advantage was about, to understand that we didn’t want to pass everything over to them to manage, but to work alongside us.

Mike Walker, IT Infrastructure Director at Advantage Finance

Types of pen testing and assessments
we can support your business with

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External Network Penetration Test

In-depth tests of your external assets such as firewalls, business apps and email servers

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Internal Network Penetration Test

We’ll mimic an attack in a controlled manner by emulating malicious insiders

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Voice Over IP Penetration Test

We’ll identify vulnerabilities that could compromise or abuse the VoIP environment

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Vulnerability Assessment

We’ll evaluate any known vulnerabilities, assign severity levels and recommend remediation

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Wireless Penetration Test

We’ll detect things such as unsecured encryption protocols, misconfigurations or weak access controls

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Network Segregation Test

These tests will validate that less-secure networks are not able to communicate with high-secure network

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At The HBP Group, we pride ourselves on the high levels of support we provide to our customers. Not only are our response and fix times and customer satisfaction retention figures among the highest in the industry, but we actually focus our time on stopping IT issues happening in the first place, eliminating the never-ending cycle of break-fix IT.

Our managed IT Support services are supported by a wide range of specialisms that help businesses focus on what they do best – running their businesses. Our services include managed IT, proactive IT support, additional IT resource services, IT consultancy, business continuity services, IT procurement, cyber security and modern workplace consultancy.

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Why choose The HBP Group for PEN testing and assessments?

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Experts in PEN testing

Our experts in IT and cyber security will safely exploit your security vulnerabilities in a controlled environment to identify your biggest risk areas.

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Not one size fits all

Different businesses require different levels and approaches to security. We’ll get to know your business, so we can accurately advise you.

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Industry-leading software

We are firm believers that you need the right tools to succeed, which is why we use best in breed solutions to conduct PEN testing and assessments.

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