Intune Administrator Training Course

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What’s included in the Intune administrator training course?

Price: £500 for 1/2 day for a maximum of 8 people.
Tailored Training: can cover intermediate or advanced training, bespoke to your business. Price is subject to scoping.
Time: Available as a half day or full day workshop.

Microsoft Intune gives you complete control over apps on devices and any patches that are required on those apps or devices, without the need to configure each individual machine. It also allows you to create policies that configure features and settings, which can provide security and protection.

Our Intune Administrator Training course is ideal for IT Managers or Directors, helping you understand how to maintain and implement your own Intune templates.

Course content includes:

Autopilot Enrolling Devices

  • Guidance on how to assign devices to deployment, ensuring you know all of the steps involved with rolling out your profiles.
  • How to assign profiles to users, so your end-users can get started right away with the correct configuration and applications.

Intune Apps

  • The App Store can be used to deploy frequently used apps by your business, then assigned to users and rolled out for easy use.
  • Our best practise advice is to monitor devices to ensure they have a minimum of four compliance rules in place, our training will help you understand why they are important as an absolute minimum, and how you can perform these checks. These include having an anti-virus enabled, check that BitLocker is enabled for device encryption, check a firewall is enabled and configured and checks for the latest Windows updates, to ensure all systems are up to date, in order to protect your business from malicious attacks
  • Intune makes it simple to create and upload PowerShell scripts, for things such as file creation and renaming for example. Then, you can run these scripts on assigned Windows devices. Our training will help you understand how to upload and assign PowerShell scripts.
  • We’ll help you understand the benefits and uses of Configuration Profiles, as well as how to make changes. Configuration Profiles are a quick and easy way to make important changes to all of your devices, such as enabling data backup, auto sign-in to Microsoft Edge, deploying desktop backgrounds and creating alerts on storage.

Intune Dashboard

  • We’ll provide detailed training on the Intune dashboard so you can better understand what is being reported, such as device compliance, device configurations and policy errors, client apps and deployments and enrolled devices and compliance status, for example. We’ll help you understand how and when these are updated and how you can customise your dashboard.
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