SharePoint Baseline Pack

Often organisations struggle to successfully transition users onto SharePoint due to a lack of folder structure, training or by overcomplicating the process. Our baseline pack has been designed to ensure that your new SharePoint is correctly planned, correctly configured and that your end users are provided with the support they need to make it a success.


What’s included in the SharePoint Baseline Pack?

Our SharePoint Basline Pack is the perfect way to ensure that your move from a server-based file storage solution, or the re-set up an existing SharePoint site, is configured correctly, uses the required level of security to keep your data safe and that the solution is embraced by your end users.

This includes:

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  • Scoping session with key people in your organisation to agree your folder structure, any file naming conventions, as well as your user permissions and security settings. All of these will be customised around our baseline best practices which focus on a departmental folder and permissions structure (up to 12 department folders, a ‘Company’ Folder and a ‘Customer’ Folder, each with 1 level below them), which ensures data is easy to access for everyone in the organisation.
  • ‘Data cleansing training’ session with your key people, to help them prepare your existing data for migration, by organising it into the agreed folder structure and removing any unneeded or duplicated data.
  • Configuration of your SharePoint site and the configuration of agreed folder structure (as per scoping session).
  • Set up of a homepage screen, designed using our standard SharePoint site template.
  • Pre-migration testing for your cleansed data (to ensure it will migrate successfully) and the data migration from a single location to SharePoint (either SharePoint to SharePoint, or File
  • Storage to SharePoint) including up to 1tb data in total. Please note, depending on the amount of data and the speed of your Internet, this migration may take several days, therefore we will plan the best migration time with you as part of our project management.
  • Set up of end user OneDrive (for personal file storage) and the migration of up to 500mb per user. Our baseline package includes OneDrive configuration for up to 10 users.
  • Configuration of the agreed user permissions (as per scoping meeting) for up to 12 groups, up to 10 exceptions and 3 guest groups. Our baseline recommendation is to provide full access to users’ own department, read access to all other departments and full access to everyone for customer and company folders.
  • Dedicated end-user support for go-live day (4 hours) to assist with any user queries and questions.
  • SharePoint training to be provided over the course of a day, either in person or remote. This includes our end-user adoption training to cover the basics of SharePoint such as how to access SharePoint, basic navigation, uploading, updating and deleting files, creating new files and folders and how to use OneDrive. It also includes sessions for key people in your organisation who will manage permissions, basic admin tasks and approving/removing guest users. All training sessions are recorded (or re-recorded after the in-person training) for future reference.
  • Configuration of our Microsoft 365 Back Up Pack to ensure that all of the data saved on SharePoint is backed up and can be restored if required.
  • Configuration of our Microsoft 365 Security Pack to ensure that all of the security settings of Microsoft 365 are configured correctly, which is especially important when moving your organisation’s data onto SharePoint.

Please note, this includes:

  • Non-departmental folder structures.
  • Communications sites.
  • Departmental folder structures with more than 12 departments.
  • PowerApps or Power Automate configuration, or any other Microsoft 365 application set up (i.e. Planner, Forms, Teams etc.).
  • Cleansing of data.
  • Migration of data from third party data storage, such as Google Drive, or removable storage devices (USB drives, external Hard Drives, NAS boxes).
  • Admin rights or admin training to configure SharePoint settings.
  • Layout changes or significant branding changes to our standard SharePoint site template.
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