6 Reasons To Use A Managed Service Provider For Your IT

Why Should You Use A Managed Service Provider?

6 Reasons To Use A Managed Service Provider For Your IT

Focus on what you’re good at. It’s a bit of a cliché but it’s good advice.

It’s particularly true when it comes to IT. In this post we’re looking at the reasons your business needs a Managed Service Provider.

Most business owners know that it’s best to focus on what they do best and leave everything else to the experts. But why is that exactly?

One study found that a whole working day a month of employee time was wasted on IT problems. That time could obviously be better spent elsewhere. But Managed Service Providers don’t just save time. There are several reasons why getting someone else on the job is the best for your IT.

Here’s 6 of the best:

  1. It’s cheaper

For most businesses, having an ongoing relationship with a Managed Service Provider is a more cost-effective way of looking after your IT than hiring a permanent in-house IT manager.

Whilst some companies might deem the average salary of between £30,000 and £50,000 a worthwhile investment, most SME’s and even larger businesses won’t. It just doesn’t make good financial sense to hire someone in a position which is not going to be a full-time job.

IT issues can arise at any time, but they don’t happen all the time. Unless it’s a dual role (which would come with its own shortcomings) there would be a lot of twiddling thumbs. Then there’s the extra costs.

It’s not just the salary. An IT manager will need regular training and accreditation to do their job well, which all comes with added costs. MSP’s like ours are proud to be Microsoft Gold partners amongst other accreditations. This takes time and money to attain and has to be renewed.

One person is also unlikely to be able to tackle every problem that might arise.

Managed Services Are Cheaper
Managed IT Services - One Person
  1. One person can only do so much

Say you can afford that one person. It’s unlikely that they’re going to have the skills to solve every problem that arises.

Skills slip over time and technical people without a team around them will quickly feel isolated. With so many potential problems out there, if a problem does arise, they could end up being out of their depth.

When we get a call, we put a number of people on the job. That’s because we have people with different specialisms and also to give the problem the capacity it needs to find a quick solution.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have any IT people in your business. Having a manager in the business who has some IT knowledge may get things done quicker. But the existence of effective MSPs makes it less necessary.

  1. Get a proactive approach to IT

In other words: With an MSP you’re paying for peace of mind.

IT services have changed over the years as they have become more and more integrated into everyday business life. Managed Service Providers take the place of the computer engineer who gets a call when something goes wrong and hurries over to make it all right again… until the next time it happens.

MSP’s will tend to take a proactive approach to IT as opposed to the reactive approach above. Of course, there will still be issues that need reacting to (more on that below) but we’d rather prevent them from happening in the first place. We know it’s not quite as good of a sell but it’s worth a lot.

It’s updates happening when they’re supposed to, a system that’s safety checked on day one, and the very best cyber security software in place to ensure your business is watertight.

It’s also about prepping your staff and enabling people to use programs correctly. For example, offering training as new software is rolled out and giving people a heads up about cyber security.

All this in theory should put your business in a much better place. But problems will happen. They always do…

Managed IT Services - Proactive
Managed Services - Phone Call
  1. Know who to call when an IT problem happens

No company can completely prevent problems from happening.

The reality is that things do go wrong (usually because a human’s involved) and in business, time is money, so it needs fixing. Fast.

There’s nothing more comforting than being able to pick up the phone and know exactly who to speak to at a moment’s notice. But it’s not just the speed at which you can get through to your service provider.

When something goes wrong with a piece of software or hardware, you’ll often need to communicate with the people who made it. Unfortunately, that’s often not possible for the end user as most of the software used in businesses is sold through those MSPs.

Fortunately, because of their established relationship, they can access the information and support you need.

  1. They have the knowledge and tools at their disposal

We’ve alluded to this already, but your MSP should have the best tools for the job and will make it their duty to know everything there is to know about IT.

They’re also working with other companies like yours which means a lot of the processes and systems that work for their other clients will also work for yours. Solutions can be set up quickly and automated with little to no hassle.

As far as tools are concerned, they’ll rarely provide ones they aren’t already using. Which is about as good a testimony as you can get. If they think it’s a decent solution, then it’s probably going to be good for you too.

And they’re not just knowledgeable about the inner workings of software and hardware; they’ve also got their ear to the ground. As much as we’d like to think all updates are going to go swimmingly and solve our problems first time, they can create problems too. Being connected to the IT world means they’ll be the first to know if users should wait before getting the latest update or if something better is coming along.

MSP - IT Knowledge
Managed IT Services - Security
  1. Security is covered

With an MSP you can be confident that the security of your business is in safe hands.

We mentioned above about taking a proactive approach, which includes putting in a safe security system from the start. But hackers are clever and constantly trying to get around the latest barriers.

The good news is holes can be patched up in the latest update. The issue a lot of businesses have is how quickly they update their software.

According to Cyber Essentials, the accredited UK government body on cyber security, the recommended time to patch software is within 14 days of a patch/update coming out. We’d say this is on the snappy side and it may be worth waiting a little longer than that to make sure there’s no issues with the patch. That said, the average time it takes a business to identify and contain a breach isn’t anywhere close to that. It’s more like 9 months.

That’s a big gap that could easily be exploited by the wide net that hackers cast to try and ensnare unsuspecting businesses. With an MSP this stuff will never be forgotten about or delayed, and the holes will be fixed right on time.

Letting the experts in

These are some of the most important reasons for bringing on a managed service provider.

Whether it’s simply the cost savings, having everything in place from the start or the fact that you have access to people who know what they’re doing, there’s no question about the value.

If you need a proactive, knowledgeable IT service and want to know what we can help with, be sure to get in touch.

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