Draytek Firewall Baseline Pack

For businesses who have basic router requirements in a corporate environment due to limited security concerns or no on-premise servers, our Draytek Firewall Baseline Pack provides a cost-effective and reliable level of protection that will manage your internet connection and the most important parts of your firewall protection, to give your users secure access to the internet and applications.


What’s included in the Draytek Firewall Baseline Pack?

This includes:

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  • Configuration of your internet connection and local area network to allow secure access for end users.
  • Application control for your main server purposes, only allowing external traffic to connect to known servers. Please note, this does not include solutions such as CCTV, alarm systems or monitoring stations, unless we are informed of them ahead of time.
  • Configuration of the router to allow for remote management by The HBP Group Customer Experience Team for future support and updates.
  • Configuration of our port scanning service which will check for any changes to our recommended configuration that could cause security issues in the future.
  • Up to two site-to-site VPN connections configured, as required, to connect separate office locations.
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