The Pegasus Refresher Course

Let Rachelle Gray Show You How To Get The Most From Your Pegasus Opera Software.

The Pegasus Refresher Course was designed as a direct response to support queries to give our customers a greater understanding of Opera, and to help them get the most from their software.

Over the 4, hour-long webinars, our Technical Services Manager will take you through some of the more often overlooked functionality in Opera 3. Focusing on separate areas, the webinars go through Rediscover Reporting, Perfect Your Processing, Forgotten Functionality and on to Excel With Pegasus XRL. Taking inspiration from a decade of support requests, this series give you the skills and know-how to use Opera more efficiently and have a deeper understanding of its core functionality.


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What Will I Learn?

About The Series:

Rachelle Gray, Technical Services Manager at award-winning HBP Systems, is one of the country’s top leading Pegasus Support Specialists.

“Join me for my Pegasus Refresher Course where I will show you from a user’s perspective how to get the most out of your software, save time by automating regular procedures, and revisit vital areas of the system that are often overlooked. Using my experience in a support role, I’ll tackle a decade of support requests to make your life easier and your businesses more profitable. From absolute beginners to seasoned pros, everyone that attends my refresher course will benefit by increasing their reporting skills and unlocking the full potential of Pegasus Opera 3”.

About The Presenter:

Rachelle has worked with Pegasus in a support context for over a decade.

Starting as a trainee on the support desk, she quickly showed an appetite for not only learning how to use the software by a real passion for helping others use it to its best effect. Progressing through the ranks to Technical Services Manager, Rachelle has seen many changes within the Pegasus Opera software over the years, but also dealt with thousands of support requests and personally contributed to receiving numerous awards for HBP Systems including Customer Service Excellence in 2017.

With the passion to help her customers, Rachelle single-handedly wrote the leading guide: A Beginner’s Guide To Pegasus Opera 3. Having used Opera in a support context for such a long time, whilst being accredited with Level 3 AAT and CIPP, Rachelle not only understands how to use the software – including all of its idiosyncrasies and quirks, but fundamentally appreciates the business requirements behind what the software is doing. This makes her knowledge invaluable to our customers, and it’s this mastery of the product that she wants to pass on in these webinars.

Who’s It For?

From complete beginners to seasoned pros, everyone can find benefit inthe Pegasus Refresher Course. Whether it’s learning processes for the first time, or reviewing a long overlooked or hidden piece of functionality, these 4 sessions will help you to be more efficient in using Opera everyday.

Absolute Beginners

New to the company & new to Opera. Get the basics covered, and add as part of your on-boarding process.

Seasoned Pros

Refresh your knowledge & look at some underutilised functionality. Make your repeat processing easier through automation.

Casual Users

Maybe you only use Opera once a month? Be more adept after the course & make your life easier.


Drill into reporting & upgrade your staff to get the most from your investment.

The Pegasus Refresher Course

Select from the below webinar sessions to watch at your convenience. Click to read more about each session and refresh your knowledge of the whole system.

Part 1: Rediscover Reporting

Reporting in Pegasus Opera is key to facilitating more informed business decisions and making more money. Often being overlooked, understanding the power of reporting can save time and money through automation and give new transparency to your business data

Part 2: Perfect Your Processing

Processing in Opera 3 is part of your daily routine – but did you know you can get more done, in less time by doing less work? When you use any software day-in-day-out, you can get stuck in a rut, thinking that your method is correct, and the process just takes time. With Pegasus Opera there are multiple ways to achieve the same result – we can show you the quickest method to get the fastest result.

Part 3: Forgotten Functionality

If you’re using Opera daily, you’ll get used the operations and processes and how you use them – but there could be a better way. Typically, you can get bogged down using it in the way that you know, and not utilising some of the functionality on offer. On the Opera Support Desk, we get a lot of requests from customers who are getting frustrated – but the functionality they need already exists, they just don’t know about it, or it’s been forgotten.

Part 4: Excel With Pegasus XRL

In the fourth Pegasus Refresher Course, I will teach you how to be more efficient in Pegasus, Increase productivity & visibility through automation & reporting prowess.

About The HBP Group Pegasus Support

When you’re a Pegasus Support customer of HBP Systems you’re doing more than just buying a product or service – you are receiving a 100% guarantee of on-going, dedicated support. We invest in our team to build long-lasting relationship with our customers. We understand the importance relationships as it enables us to better support our customers’ individual requirements.

  • All of our Pegasus Support Team are AAT accredited.
  • Services Level Agreement – 1-hour response time & 8-hour fix time.
  • Pegasus Business Partner – Pegasus have acknowledged that we are fully trained on all accounts packages.
  • On-going support by an account manager who is specialised in providing continuous installation support.
  • Award-Winning Customer Service
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • 97% Customer Retention

By Training We’re All Gaining

Best Today, Better Tomorrow is our company mission statement, and this continues through our Pegasus Support service. This is vital to us as it enables our support team to constantly evaluate their understanding of our customers and their requirements so we grow together.

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