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Exchequer accounting software is the perfect financial tool for extensive accounts reporting and offers your business unrivalled detail. The solution, powered by Advanced, allows users to manage finances and produce detailed reports in a modular system that can be customised to meet your exact business needs.

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Exchequer Accounting Software Improves Business Intelligence With Extensive Reporting

We’ve been an Advanced Exchequer Partner for over 15 years, meaning we’re extremely familiar with the product and have helped many business, across varying industries implement this solution in the UK. If you’re looking for a powerful accounts solution that can provide effective management of your businesses’ financial and organisational processes in one fully integrated system, Exchequer could be the solution for you. Instantly collate and distribute financial data in real time to help stakeholders make key business decisions quicker and drive the business forward with full and detailed insight.

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Are You Familiar With Exchequer?

You may have heard of other accounts software providers such as Sage but have you heard of Exchequer? Exchequer has been a product of Advanced for over 20 years and has helped a variety of industries, from charities to construction, dive into their financial information to support the company’s growth. If you want to know more about whether Exchequer Accounting Software would be a good fit for your business, we suggest you take our Free Accounts Software Review.

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Ready To Scale Up With Software By Your Side?

If it’s important to your business to collate and distribute key information in real time to help company growth, then Exchequer could be the solution for you. Provide Key Stakeholders and Directors with timely reports so they can make clear decisions based on Financial information. Exchequer Accounting Software is highly flexible meaning it can scale as your business grows. Providing you and your team peace of mind that you can be supported and fully equipped to take on your next business challenge.

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Decisions On The Go With Exchequer Mobile

Exchequer Mobile is the best way to keep up with your accounts information in real time. No longer be held back by on premise servers at your office and allow your team to work remotely, you never know when you might need to (i.e. global pandemic, office shut down, travel disruptions). Better still this comes as a mobile application so works with any mobile device such as a phone or tablet. By logging in you can see your key information to make decisions on the move.

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As Many Detailed Reports You Can Ever Need

Exchequer is famous for its unrivalled reporting capabilities. The reporting functionality is unlike any other accounts software as it allows you to report on pretty much anything you want. Save time with a range of standardised and customised reports configured to work the way you need them to. The unique ‘drill down’ capabilities means you can not only analyse and interpret company data, but track that data through your organisation in real time, saving time and removing room for error.

The HBP Group Success StoryBureau UK

Established in 2010, Hull-based global resourcing and specialist recruitment company, Bureau UK, are experts in sourcing highly skilled candidates and inspectors across the global energy and large-scale production sectors. Their accounts solution helped to dramatically speed up management reporting and help them prepare for growth. They can now make better business decisions as fast-paced as the environment they work in.

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The new system that we’ve got from HBP is really going to accelerate our growth. It’s revolutionised the way that we work. To be able to drive the business forward is fantastic, so I would recommend HBP to anyone.

Dave Blanchard, Bureau UK

How Can Exchequer Accounting Software
Help Your Business Excel?

Empower your team with a multi-dimensional view of your business, in real time. Using data from multiple software solutions across your organisation, the analytics module for Advanced Exchequer delivers unrivalled insight and analytic capabilities on any device.

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General Ledger

Exchequer’s flexible General Ledger solution can help you keep track of all financial transactions, prepare reports and make sure you have every record of your accounts right across your business.

From flexible cash reconciliation built around your current finance team’s process, simple balance views of any year or period with on screen comparisons, to independent cost centres with department codes for a clear view of your accounts. Easily restructure your General Ledger with drag and drop functionality to help save time Plus, with easy to access chart views provide dynamic and accurate reports with up to date information helping your management team to make more informed business decisions.

    • Flexible Cashbook Reconciliation
      With options for all accounts, reconciling your cashbook can work around your business processes to make it easier than ever for the finance team.
    • Multi-dimensional Analysis
      Independent cost centres and department codes give you a clear view of accounts – however you want to view the information.
    • Drag and Drop Functionality
      Restructure your General Ledger – even after posting has taken place. It means you have complete control over the data, and don’t have to spend time manipulating it.
    • Easy To Access Chart View
      Dynamic management reports and powerful budget options enable you to get a view across accounting that is accurate and up-to-date.
    • Simple Balance View
      View any year or period with on-screen comparisons, benefiting from clear sight of your balance at any given time.
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Sales and Purchase Ledgers

Did you know that you can keep track of all sales and purchases within Exchequer Accounting Software? By tracking all purchases in one system you can ensure full visibility across all accounts and get an accurate view of balance vs activity.

Make life easy with simple trader lists and just scan through records of suppliers quickly. Plus with no limitations on data storage you can keep information in the system as long as it is required with financial transparency from Sales to GDPR regulations. Take back control of your accounts with the ability to ‘drill down’ through every transaction, viewing all associated costs per item or product and reporting back on spend. Provide management with detailed insight into balances, margins and sales with easy to access insight and reports.

    • Simple Trader Lists
      Scan through records easily with a simple view of traders, giving you a view of suppliers at a glance.
    • No Limitations On Data
      Store data within the system for as long as required to ensure financial transparency across sales, and compliance with data regulations such as the GDPR.
    • Drill Down Functionality
      Understand every original transaction and view the margins per item or product, enabling you to see where budget is being spent and spot potential issues for remaining funds.
    • Dynamic Integration
      Balances, margins and sales are all interlocked so you can easily report on all aspects of purchases and provide insight to the C-Suite.
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Stock Management

Stock management couldn’t be easier with your Exchequer Accounting Software. Know where stock is held, how much is available and its usage on demand with customised reporting.

The stock management module is fully integrated into your financials modules making it easy to access stock levels and product value information in real time. You can keep track of your stock and gross profit margins within the General Ledger and create powerful reports to help identify stock sales and usage. Need certain stock information? Customise your reports to get the information your business needs. For ease and efficiency add stock barcode scanning to simple stock view and plan for future with reports on when to order additional stock.

    • Fully Integrated
      Integrate with financial modules to access real-time stock value, cost of sales and gross profit margins within the General Ledger.
    • Multi-level Grouping Of Stock
      Get instant on-screen analysis of sales and margins, as well as stock levels within the business, ensuring you are prepared for the future and can plan effectively.
    • Powerful Sales Analysis Reports
      Identify stock sales and usage on demand, so you know exactly where your financial health is heading. Customise your sales reports to get the information that is important to you.
    • Barcode Scanning
      A functionality that supports bar code scanning so you have a clear definition of what is in the warehouse and when you need to order additional stock.
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Mobile and Remote Working

Exchequer is available on demand and on the move with Exchequer Mobile.

Available to use for both finance and non-finance employees, Exchequer Mobile allows you to access your accounts information from anywhere, at any time! It’s self-serve functionality allows non-finance users to submit expenses whilst they’re out of the office and allows them access to relevant account information and transactions where required. Your Finance Team can also approve transactions away from the office to keep help increase efficiency.

Exchequer Mobile >
    • Self-serve Functionality
      Exchequer Mobile reduces the burden on the finance team as non-finance users can access account information and transactions on the move.
    • Approvals On The Move
      Finance users can approve transactions when they are away from the office, meaning they can use their time more effectively and get more done remotely.
    • Submit Expenses
      Non-finance users can make expense submissions using the native or browser app – much more convenient for remote staff or those who travel frequently.

Is Exchequer The Right Accounts Software For Your Business?

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Not Sure If Exchequer Is The Right Accounting Software For You?

We’re an Advanced Ultimate Partner (the highest level you can get), meaning we work very closely with Advanced to implement and support Exchequer accounting solutions to businesses across the UK. Because we’ve worked with Advanced for so long our team have seen it all so can help you with any query you may have, whether you’ve used Exchequer previously or are new to the idea of Exchequer for your business, our knowledgeable team can answer any questions you may have.

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How To Choose The Right Accounts Software?

Are you looking to change or update your accounts package? No idea where to start? Why not start with our free accounts software review? We’ll discuss your 3 biggest challenges and show you how to fix them, then recommend a solution to suit your business.

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Exchequer Support For New Customers

If your new to Exchequer don’t worry our excellent support team are only a phone call away. Plus with an average response time of 20 mins and fix time of 8 hours, we’re certain we can support your business and offer helpful advice and guidance where needed.

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Could You Reduce Costs With Cloud Hosting?

Did you know the likes of Exchequer and other accounts software can all be hosted in the cloud to help you reduce running costs? Not only does this keep your data safe and secure but you can access that data securely from anywhere.

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Who are The HBP

Want to know more about us and how we work? All that information is available to you along with details of our accreditations, case studies from our customers and some further information about our 40 year history providing software and IT solutions.

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Can You Reduce Costs With Cloud Hosting?

Our data centre provides a cost-effective and secure solution for small and medium sized businesses looking to host Exchequer accounting software in the Cloud without the high costs and need for an on-premise server. We understand that every business has different needs so we’ve tailored our solution to match the most common requirements of SMEs.

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Businesses and Organisations Who Rely on The HBP Group for Accounts Software Support & Solutions

We help businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Because we always start our process by discussing business requirements, we have helped a huge number of organisations improve efficiency and reporting within their finance departments by choosing the right solution for their organisation.

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The HBP GroupWho Are We?

Our organisation consists of three companies; HBP Systems Ltd, Kamarin Computers Ltd and Jugo Systems. HBP are based in Lincolnshire, Kamarin in Cambridgeshire and Jugo in Hampshire. Between us we cover the vast majority of the UK and work under The HBP Group name to provide a seamless service between our northern and southern offices.

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We specialise in providing accounts software solutions and accounts software support to businesses in multiple industries across the UK. Our 40+ years experience and award winning support, means you’re in safe hands.

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