New Software Release: Pegasus Opera 3 v2.71.00 – Full Release Notes

The latest version of Opera 3 (2.71.00) has now been released and includes improvements to Opera’s Maxing Tax Digital (MTD) Centre, new payroll rates and bands for NI, PAYE and Statutory payments, as well as support for Microsoft Office 64 bit software.

Full software release notes from Pegasus are as follows:

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Release information: Opera 3 (2.71.00).

Making Tax Digital (MTD)

The MTD VAT Centre has been enhanced to allow a user to take a snapshot of the VAT data at a specified point in time. The snapshot can be viewed on screen and can also be printed. It can be accessed from within the MTD Centre itself or from the new VAT Reports menu option – View VAT Snapshot. The existing VAT reports have also been enhanced with additional criteria to allow the user to select data based on whether and when it was included in a snapshot. The new fields are also available in the Reporter application. This new facility will assist the user in the reconciliation of the VAT Return and the Nominal Ledger.

Full Payment Submission (FPS) for a prior tax year

Where an employer is required to make amendments to an employee’s payroll figures for the previous tax year, HMRC will continue (during the 2020/21 tax year) running a pilot whereby, instead of an employer being forced to use an Earlier Year Update (EYU) online submission to make such amendments, the employer can instead send a Full Payment Submission (FPS) again for the final period of the last tax year.

In Opera 3 2.70.00 the archiving of employee end-of-year (EOY) summary payroll data and the ability to view and report on archived data was introduced along with the Tax Year History function. In Opera 3 2.71.00 you can now revise employee EOY summary data (for a specific prior tax year) and can submit the revised data via a prior year FPS to HMRC. This means users no longer need to use HMRC’s EYU on-line submission tool as Opera 3 can now fulfil this requirement.

Office 64 bit

Support for Office 64 bit (Version 1908, Build 11929.20254) is now available with Opera 3 2.71.00. However, users of Infor Q&A (Pegasus XRL) must continue to use Office 32 bit as Infor Q&A uses a 32 bit driver to access the Opera 3 datalink.

New Payroll rates and bands for NI, PAYE and Statutory Payments

The demonstration data and system tables have been uplifted with the new Payroll rates and bands for NI, PAYE and Statutory Payments released in the March budget for 2020/2021, including the Scottish tax changes applicable from 11 May 2020.

General maintenance

This release also includes some general maintenance and a new version of the Scheduler. The new version of the Scheduler (2.20.30) provides improved handling in the creation of backup files when vast amounts of files (usually PDFs) are to be stored.

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