Introducing Webexpenses – The New Way To Manage Business Expenses


A single question to ask your accountant to know that you are getting the best advice and 10 ways to test the answers you receive.

Every managing director and CEO recognises the importance of making the most of the available resources (i.e. staff time and money) to grow their business. Whilst this focus is always biased towards growing revenue and gross margins, it is worth a few minutes of your time to investigate the less glamorous parts of your business, as that is where you will find waste.
Accounts payable is where this almost always rings true. With its paper based pre-digital inefficiencies, manual labour intensive repetitive processes and reliance on out-of-date historical reporting, accounts payable in its current state adds little to no value to the business.

The question: Why are we still processing paper invoices?

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The Reasons To Ask:

The digital capture of supplier invoices, upon receipt, and automation of approval processes delivers significant benefits to every aspect of the accounts payable function. It is very simple to achieve, has no financial risk, is fully HMRC and VAT compliant and is fully proven.

The Answer:

The answer you receive from your accountant will tell you a great deal about them. It is quite possible they are unaware of the possibilities and will want to proactively investigate the opportunity further. If they counter with “the current processes work” or “there is no cash ROI”, demonstrating their reluctance to investigate this further, then you probably have a bigger problem.


10 Reasons To Choose Webexpenses:

    • Eliminating paper saves time, money and delivers real-time information from any device.
    • Reduces administration costs by up to 90% and frees up resources for more valuable work.
    • Reduces internal and external fraud risks through comprehensive validation and approval checks.
    • Improves key supplier relationships and your credit limits through fast query management and prompt payment.
    • Achieves best practice compliance for the entire accounts payable process, including Making Tax Digital legislation.
    • Real-time cash requirement reports from the moment the invoice arrives.
    • Approval process, at any time, from any device.
    • Prevent duplicate invoice payments through fully automated duplicate invoice checking.
    • Provides on-demand access to real-time information for your management team on their suppliers, every invoice, and query, including payment status to build relationships and better prices.
    • Option to outsource the entire accounts payable function to an accounting practice to maximise savings.

Webexpenses is a great feature to help process expenses for users of Pegasus Opera 3, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sage Accounting Software.

If you would like to find out more about Webexpenses, please contact your account manager.

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