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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an outstanding solution for managing your finances as well as the operational side of your business. As a cloud based solution, users can easily access the system via a web browser and tailor their screens to match their key tasks, making it easy to carry out regular tasks and action important alerts.

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The Heart Of Your Business is the Heart of Business Central – Financial Management.

The financial function of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is core to the whole system and provides users with the ability to manage every aspect of payables and receivables, bank accounts, stock, fixed assets and key financial reports. Business Cloud also manages multiple companies allowing for intercompany transactions, consolidation at the GL account level and across all companies, providing a true picture of your finances.


Customise Your Workspace

Role Centres in Business Central provide users with a tailored experience of the software, allowing them to set up the key information on their screens to match their job role. Items are easily movable and configurable so they can be made to work just the way everyone like it! More importantly it provides each user with the right information to carry out their tasks with as few clicks as possible.

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Easy Navigation With Minimal Click

Navigating through Business Central is simple due to it’s familiar Microsoft 365 style layout. The main menu provides easy access to areas such as journals, cash management cost accounting, fixed assets and posted documents – basically any area that isn’t included on your home screen is still easily accessible in just a few clicks, making it quicker to jump into the area you need.

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“Drill Down” To The Detail

One of the areas of functionality we love here at The HBP Group is the ability “drill down” into financial information from each screen. This means if you need to investigate the source of a specific figure or find the purchase order or sales order that relates to a transaction, you can simply click on the relevant detail and access the supporting information – once you’ve used it, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!

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Visual and Insightful Reporting

Reporting and visual dashboards should not only bring your key business information to life but they should provide actionable information. Through Business Central’s standard reporting suite and the customisable Power BI reports which can be added to your screens you’ll be able to view, interrogate and present the information that matters most to you and to your organisation.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Scale Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a flexible and secure platform to manage and scale your business with ease. Combining powerful functionality with customisable workspaces that allow users to access the information they need, you will be able save time, increase efficiency and get a much clearer picture of your performance than ever before.

Set your business up to thrive, using modern tools that accelerate growth and adapt to your changing needs.

Managing Your Finances Has Never Been Easier

For many years Microsoft Dynamics 365 was aimed at large, enterprise sized businesses and only with the launch of Business Central has the software and pricing structure made it accessible to SMEs. With those years of enterprise level functionality and development though SMEs are now in the enviable position of being able to get one of the very best finance packages available, perfectly matched to their finance and accounting needs.


Web Browser Access From Anywhere

That’s right – you’ll never have to log in to your accounts software via a remote desktop or VPN ever again! Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is cloud based it means that you can access it anywhere, at any time, from any device. It may seem like a small perk, but taking that headache away from your staff is something they may never stop thanking you for and will make them more productive too!

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Make Better, More Profitable Decisions

Because Business Central connects your sales, operational and financial information in a single system, your reports will be more useful that ever before as data never has to be viewed in isolation. This means you can understand the impact of your stock against your sales forecast, for example, or even use Power BI to bring in external data to get an even wider view of your business performance.

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Manage Your Entire Supply Chain

Business Central provides a single solution to manage all areas of your financial activity, including the operational side of your business. As well as being able to understand demand for services or stock, you’ll also be able to engage with suppliers from within the system and record all relevant information in one place regarding previous orders, special pricing and delivery performance.

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Reduce Month-End Stress

Nothing stresses out a finance department more than month end (apart from year end!) so streamlining the whole process is something that should be top of your priority list. Business Central provides you with a huge head start on this by connecting your general ledger, sale ledger, payables and fixed assets data and by using automated approval workflows to ensure your data and information is accurate.

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How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Manage Your Finances?

As we’ve mentioned a few times, the capabilities of Business Central are fairly limitless but here’s a few areas of the software we particularly love…

Better Control Of Your Financial Data

Manage every area of your finances better than ever before with easy to use tools and screens that put you in control of your cash flow, bank reconciliations, fixed asset management, budgets and project costings.

With faster, more efficient processes to carry out tasks you will be able to focus on shortening delivery times, getting your cash in faster and providing even better customer and supplier service.

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Take Your Business Global

Whether you sell international, have offices across the world or buy from around the globe, Business Central can handle everything you need.

From multi currency support, exchange rates, consolidations, intercompany transactions and localised tax regulations, you’ll have all the tools you need to conquer the world!

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Speed Up Financial Period Closing

Getting your month-end and year-end procedures completed as quickly as possible not only reduces the stress on your finance team but also provides your organisation with the information it needs to make decisions quickly.

By streamlining and automating key processes in your business, such as approval workflows, information will be ready when it is needed and with connected ledgers throughout the system, processing and checking time is hugely reduced.

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Monitor Your Financial Performance

Business Central’s powerful reporting capabilities are really what makes it stand out from other finance packages.

As well as being able to use built-in reports and Excel reports to analyse your data you can also utilise the virtually limitless capabilities of Power BI to build visual reports from anywhere within Business Central or any other software packages and databases your business uses that provide context to you financial data.

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Make Better Decisions

Your ability to make great, profitable decisions about your business hinge on two things; the accuracy of your data and the freshness of your information. If your data isn’t accurate you can make bad decisions, likewise if the information you’re making decisions on is out of date.

Business Central gives you the best of both worlds. Your data will be accurate as key processes have been automated and staff workflows simplified, reducing the change of error and making it much easier to spot if it does occur. Furthermore, with live reports fed directly into your Business Central screens, you’ll be able to always see what’s happening as it happens.

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Want To See It For Yourself?

Now you’ve read about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and watched a few videos, the next step is to see how it can work for your organisation. By requesting a demonstration from us we will create a tailored set up for you to show you exactly how the system can mirror your existing processes or improve on them. We can accompany this demonstration with some outline pricing for you including implementation and support or provide a detailed proposal with all of the information you’ll need to start your journey towards implementing the software for real. Simply fill out the form on this page and one of our experts will be in touch to get things organised with you.

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