A CRM System Your Sales Team Will LOVE Using! Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes a CRM module that is not only easy to use but provides both your business and your sales team with insight and actionable information that will drive better customer service and even more sales. With full integration to Outlook, updating your CRM system will never be a problem again!

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Make More Sales, Make Better Sales and Make Sales Quicker With Business Central CRM.

CRM systems normally fall into one of two categories – absolutely business critical or an absolute mess. The difference between a successful CRM system and one that adds no value to your business is not only in the set up of the system itself, but also in its usability. Many sales people don’t see the value in CRM systems, especially when they are asked to fill out huge amounts of data for every customer or prospect interaction they have. The trick is to make the process as easy as possible, bringing important tasks in-line with their normal workflow and automating anything that can possibly be automated!


Customise Your Workspace

Role Centres in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM provide users with a tailored experience of the software, allowing them to set up the key information on their screens to match their job role. Items are easily movable and configurable so they can be made to work just the way everyone likes it! More importantly it provides each user with the right information to carry out their tasks with as few clicks as possible.

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Work Directly from Outlook

If a customer emails you then you can access their record in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from within Outlook, making it easy to check any relevant information without leaving the original email. Sales quotes can even be raised from within Outlook and immediately sent to the customers, making it easy for your sales team to respond to enquiries and saving them time in the process too.

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Insightful & Actionable Information

Because the CRM module is part of the overall Business Central system, key sales information is readily available on each company record. This information includes key sales statistics, such as open opportunities, but also includes information about historical sales, outstanding invoices, service jobs and anything else that your team need to know about when engaging with customers.

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Speed Up Everyday Tasks

Every step of the sales process can be customised to match your sales cycle. This allows you to automatically trigger reminders or tasks as each sales process progresses, reminding your team to follow up quotes, for example. Sales processes can even been customised based on the type of customer you’re dealing with, the product they are buying or any other factor, removing any additional data fields from screens being requested.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Scale Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a flexible and secure platform to manage and scale your business with ease. Combining powerful functionality with customisable workspaces that allow users to access the information they need, you will be able to save time, increase efficiency and get a much clearer picture of your performance than ever before.

Set your business up to thrive, using modern tools that accelerate growth and adapt to your changing needs.

Don’t Put Up With Your CRM System Any Longer! Embrace The Cloud and Embrace Business Central’s CRM.

Far too many businesses put up with a terrible CRM system, either because it’s not the right product for them (a lot of them are awful!) or because they haven’t got a system in place at all (and, no, that Excel spreadsheet doesn’t count). Implemented correctly, CRM can not only drive more sales and better customer relationships, but it can give you invaluable information about your business’ performance, alerting you early to potential dips in sales or, more positively, increased demand which will require more stock or resource.

Web Browser Access From Anywhere

Sales people are different from a lot of staff. They work in the office, they work at home and they work “on the road” too. And that last minute quote request might be completed in the evening rather than in working hours.

For this sort of flexible job role, you need a flexible system and because Business Central is cloud based it means it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on any device. Problem solved!

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Simplify Communications

Whether you’re contacting a small group of customers on a regular basis, or a large amount of customers less frequently, sending our communications can become a repetitive admin task for many sales people.

With Business Central you can utilise the segment feature to easily dice up your customers into common groups (by size, location or products purchased for example) and quickly send out communications using email templates, saving tonnes of time.

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Know Your Customers Better Than Ever

One of our favourite features of Business Central CRM is the profile questionnaire feature which allows you to add questions at each level of your contacts and at different stages of your sales cycle. This allow you to gather information about sales opportunities or about the contacts themselves which can be used for future communications.

Profiles can even be created from system data, updating customers into groups such as “top spenders”, “have bought X product” or “haven’t purchased for X months”, for example.

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Manage Opportunities with Ease

As you would expect, opportunities are quick and easy to create and update but with many CRM systems every opportunity asks for the same information, regardless of the type of opportunity. With Business Central CRM you can tailor your sales cycle by opportunity, increasing, decreasing or completely customising the type of information that is needed.

This could be used for different products or services, different sizes of customers or by size of deal, so if you’re just getting a quick order sorted, your sales team won’t need to fill out war and peace before they can make a sale!

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Raise Quotes from Outlook

Email still drives a big part of a sales person’s workflow so it makes a lot of sense to allow them to carry out key sales tasks from within it. Business Central directly integrates with Outlook so if an email is received from a customer, or prospect, their Business Central record can be viewed within the email.

Even better, the record is fully interactive so sales quotes can be created and sent without ever leaving Outlook.

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Create Powerful Marketing Campaigns

Using segments and profile questionnaires you can build up powerful marketing campaigns that go well beyond typical campaign criteria such as location, size and industry.

Segments allow you to split your data by any system information (such as customer spent, products purchased, products not purchased etc.) and customer profiles give you even greater detail, making sure you only invite the golfers to your upcoming golf day, for example.

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Want To See It For Yourself?

Now you’ve read about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and watched a few videos, the next step is to see how it can work for your organisation. By requesting a demonstration from us we will create a tailored set up for you to show you exactly how the system can mirror your existing processes or improve on them. We can accompany this demonstration with some outline pricing for you including implementation and support or provide a detailed proposal with all of the information you’ll need to start your journey towards implementing the software for real. Simply fill out the form on this page and one of our experts will be in touch to get things organised with you.

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