Advanced Business Cloud Essentials – Beginners’ Guide
Chapter 4: CRM

Chapter 4: CRM

How to use the sales and support functionality
The CRM chapter covers managing CRM contacts, the opportunities screen, creating new opportunities, raising support tickets, creating repair orders, billing for support tickets and events.

CRM Contacts

Navigate to CRM > Contacts
Contacts in Business Cloud sit under CRM and can be created for customers and / or suppliers who already have accounts with you that they order against or for people who do not yet have an account and may just be a prospect. To link a contact to an opportunity, event, quote or order they MUST be created as a contact first. If it is a prospect, contact who later places an order the contact record can easily be converted into a customer account allow staff to be more efficient with there time.
The contact records are self-explanatory and allow different data to be recorded such as the contacts name, date of birth, job title, web address, phone numbers, email addresses and much more. Not all fields are required however the more information recorded the more users will get out of the system later when it comes to adding contacts to other records, and running reports etc.


CRM Screenshot


Once a contact has been created it will display on the contacts screen where new opportunities, events and complaints can be created. To view the contact record in detail, select actions against the contact then select show. This will display further information regarding the contact including the contact record set up, linked opportunities, linked events, linked complaints and under the notes tab users can view and add any notes related to the contact.


CRM Screenshot


If a contact has been created as a prospect it can at any point be converted into a customer or supplier account selecting the check box against the contact record from the contacts screen, then select actions at the top followed by create as ‘customer’ or ‘supplier’

Opportunities Screen

Navigate to CRM > Opportunities
Whenever users are dealing with new or existing customers that are seeking details or requesting quotes on work they can create opportunity records that can be used to track progress and report on what is being won and / or lost.

From the opportunities screen users will see a pipeline view of all open opportunities and their status. This can be viewed as a count or if recording values then it can also be viewed looking at value. Within the results table all open opportunities will show however users can use the advanced search filters to reduce the results and only show data required.


CRM Screenshot


To view an opportunity in more detail, select actions against the opportunity and show. This will display the opportunity record detailing all information recorded, when it was created along with any associated records that have been linked. From here users can reassign the opportunity and move it through different statuses as well as adding events, notes and files if integrated with drop box


CRM Screenshot


Once opportunities have been created, they will display on the opportunities screen under the necessary status until closed.

CRM status’ can be created selecting more at the top of the opportunity screen then selecting set up status.


New Opportunity Records

To create new opportunity record, select +new at the top of the opportunities screen. This will open the opportunity record which can then be populated with all known details. Not all fields are required, however the more fields populated the more users will get out of the system when it comes to reporting on lead conversions, losses etc later.


CRM Screenshot


Once the opportunity has been created it will sit on the opportunities screen pending its next action. To view or update the opportunity, navigate to the opportunities screen, and select actions next to the record then select show.

The opportunity record will then display where users can update the status, who the record is assigned to, create estimates and quotes as well as recording events, notes, and files.

  1. Populating a value against the opportunity allows you to record what you expect to make from the opportunity in orders.
  2. Status’ are created from the opportunity main screen under the more tab and can be selected from the creation screen and can also be amended later when moving an opportunity through your sales process.
  3. A forecast date will influence a notification on the summary screen if overdue.


Navigate to CRM > Events
Events in business cloud have been designed to allow uses to record plans and assign actions to records. This could be anything including phone calls, meetings, site visits, reminders, and other tasks. No matter where in the system events are created, they will all display on the events screens.


CRM Screenshot


Once an event has been created it will display on the events screen as well as under the events tab against any linked records such as customer or contact accounts. To view, edit and complete events open the even record from either screen and use the notes section to record any updates. Select ‘complete’ to mark the event as complete. When completing events users can create a follow up event which will open a new event record but will link back to the original event allow users to see progress of events.


CRM Screenshot


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