UPS Implementation Baseline Pack

An Uninterrupted Power Supply, (UPS), is key to ensuring your business’ data is protected in the event of power loss. That’s why we recommend APC’s reliable UPS devices. They provide backup power, so businesses can ensure that their data remains safe and secure. APC UPS devices are ideal in helping to ensure that critical IT equipment remain intact until they can be safely shut down, so you don’t lose valuable data during power-related outages.


What’s included in the UPS Implementation Baseline Pack?

Our UPS Implementation Pack keeps your business’ IT downtime to an absolute minimum, by protecting sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, servers, and network equipment, from power surges, voltage fluctuations, and other power-related issues.

This includes:

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  • Configuration of the UPS device to ensure it receives the necessary power to perform its purpose, including a network management card in the event there is more than one physical server, so there’s a connection to all servers.
  • Enabling a power chute which integrates with the servers and notifies the server to safely shutdown and start powering down applications in the event of power surges, voltage fluctuations, and other power-related issues.
  • Ensure the UPS is configured to sends notifications. Application of a base policy for notifications in relation to battery life and configure notifications to include details about power fluctuations, whether something is unplugged, and things like power failure, so the Customer Experience team can act on this and ensure a safe shutdown and reset.
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