Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Implementation Baseline Pack

Our Wi-Fi Baseline Pack includes the configuration of your wireless network in line with our recommended configuration. This ensures that your Wi-Fi networks are separated for your staff members and for guests, providing the necessary level of security for your business whilst making it easy for everyone to access the internet from any device.


What’s included in the Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Implementation Baseline Pack?

Our configuration also allows us to remotely monitor and manage your Wi-Fi network for future maintenance. It ensures a tried-and-tested solution that can effectively cope with up to 500 users, without the need to assign licences against every user.

This includes:

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  • Configuration of the staff and guest networks, to give end users and guests secure internet access either on or separately to the main network depending on security requirements.
  • Enablement of a cloud key, which gives access for the Customer Experience team to configure and manage devices in the network, access points, switches and security gateway routers for maintenance and security.
  • Configuration of network access points, to allow for secure internet access across the business premises.

Please note, this includes:

  • Configuration of bandwidth controls. This would need to be addressed and configured before the implementation of Ubiquiti Wi-Fi.
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