SharePoint Advanced Adoption Training Course

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What’s included in the SharePoint advanced adoption course?

Price: £0.00 for a full day for a maximum of 8 people.
Tailored Training: Starting from £595 for 1/2 day, covering intermediate or advanced training, bespoke to your business.
Time: Available as a full day workshop. Recorded for future use.

SharePoint boasts impressive features that empower your users to work smarter and faster, whilst allowing you to centralise processes and data, promoting transparency. In short, it becomes your single source of truth. Once your users have mastered the fundamentals, our SharePoint advanced adoption training equips them with the knowledge to bridge the gap between beginners and those who want to take advatange of automation, approvals and analytics.

SharePoint serves as the perfect solution for centralising and consolidating all of your company files and information. However, as a company intranet, it offers capabilities that extend well beyond this. It empowers you to shift its purpose from mere document storage to a platform for scheduling, data analysis, form submission and approval processes, seamless integrations, and a variety of other features.

Course content includes:

  • Access. We’ll help your teams understand guest access, so you can safely extend access to your SharePoint system, using the correct procedures and security settings.
  • Alerts. Helping you understand how to effectively use alerts to notify users of certain events, for example, document deletion, so relevant parties are aware of key system changes.
  • Analytics. Understanding data in your SharePoint system is really important for analysing things like usage and uptake. When you understand analytics, you can properly monitor which parts of your system are working and what is effective.
  • Approvals. Great for ensuring the quality of documents and content, as they can verify that documents and content meet certain standards before they are published or shared. Approvals can also be used to eliminate time-consuming, manual process like checking employees have signed off on company policies, for example.
  • Automation. Discover how to work smarter and faster, with automation. You can automate workflows in SharePoint to streamline business processes. For example, you could automate a workflow to approve expense reports or to send out marketing materials to leads. This can help to reduce errors and improve efficiency.
  • Bookings. Take advantage of bookings to streamline events of training using SharePoint. Link to users calendars for ‘resource’ booking, or for simplifying meeting rooms and offices spaces.
  • Events. From an internal comms perspective, events are ideal for centralising business events and helping get them in front of people for better uptake.
  • Forms. Ideal for collecting data from users, such as their contact information, feedback, or survey responses, or for simplifying business processes by providing a standardised way for users to enter data.
  • Lists. List are perfect for capturing and centralising data. Once you’ve mastered Lists, you can add in your knowledge of automation, to trigger alerts on changes to Lists.
  • Personalisation.During the original setup of your SharePoint, your home screen (called the presentation layer) was created, helping direct users to where they need to be and present business critical information – but what about when you want to change it? We’ll help you understand how to make changes to content and design.
  • Social media. We’ll help you understand how to use social media integrations and web parts that are available (such as Viva Engage for internal comms, Twitter, or even YouTube for video libraries or image galleries for marketing collateral).
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