Excel Training Course

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What’s included in the Excel training course?

Price: £500 for 1/2 day for a maximum of 8 people, or £795 for full day.
Tailored Training: Covering intermediate or advanced training, bespoke to your business.
Time: Available as a half day or full day remote workshop.

Excel; you either love it or you hate it. It’s loved because it allows you to store and track large amounts of data, perform calculations, analyse and interpret data and is ideal for things like budgeting and accounting. It’s hated, for the plain and simple fact, people don’t know how to use it. Excel’s capabilities are far more wide-reaching than performing basic sums or storing basic lists; it’s an incredibly powerful tool for analysis, if you have the right skills to use it.

Our Excel courses are tailored to meet your specific needs, taking you through all the features of Excel you require, often focussing on a specific business requirement.

Course content includes:

Excel Foundation

  • Understand and use basic formula and the AutoSum function so you can get a handle on the basics to get started
  • Have the ability to use specific data formats (e.g. currency) so you can effectively analyse data
  • Customise a spreadsheet using colours, patterns and borders for clear visuals
  • Be aware of easy-to-use time-saving features within Excel
  • Know how to generate charts and graphs to better portray data

Excel Intermediate

  • Effectively use worksheets inside spreadsheets so you can drill deeper into separate data
  • Understand how to validate data, i.e. ensure that cells can only contain specific values
  • Know how to sort and filter data and use subtotals for improved analysis
  • Know how to automatically transfer data between worksheets and spreadsheets
  • Devise a spreadsheet which is specifically required by your organisation for effective business reporting

Excel Advanced

  • Understand how to use the ‘lookup’ features to find corresponding values, for example, to find the price of an item by its product number
  • Know how to analyse data using pivot tables so you can summarise and analyse data
  • Be aware of how to automatically perform commands or actions using Macros for effective automation, saving you time
  • Use the Date/Time/IF functions
  • Devise a complex spreadsheet which is specifically required by your organisation for detailed, insightful business reporting
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