Message Defence: Managing Your Preferences

March 01, 2022 | 2 min read | Message Defence

In this video, Anthony from The HBP Group explains how to manage your preferences in Message Defence. If you prefer to find out how manage your preferences in Message Defence with written instructions, we have included these further down the page.

Step-by-Step Guide

Stage 1: Logging In To Message Defence

You can access the web version of Message Defence using your favourite web browser, such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

1) Go to and enter your email address and password to login. This will take you to your Quarantine Inbox page.

2) Click on “Preferences” to the right of the “Quarantine Inbox” tab at the top of the screen. This will then show four options on the screen called Allow List/Block List, Quarantine Settings, Spam Settings and Password.


Stage 2: Allow List/Block List

1) In this section you can add emails into your allowed email addresses or blocked email addresses lists. As the names suggest, allowed emails will always be allowed through Message Defence and blocked emails will always be blocked.

managing message defence preferences

2) To remove email addresses in either list, simply click the “bin” icon next to the relevant email.


Stage 3: Quarantine Settings

1) In this section you are able to enable or disable quarantine, change the frequency of emails you receive from Message Defence, change the email which notifications should be sent and which language the system is in. All of these can be changed through radio buttons or drop down menus on the page.

managing message defence preferences


Stage 4: Spam Settings

1) Spam settings allows you to change how Message Defence identifies Spam. This allows you to change your domain defaults, spam score settings, bayesian data and also to backup your bayesian database, all of which can be controlled through simple on screen controls.

managing message defence preferences


Stage 5: Password

1) In this section you can both change your password and set up the email address you would like any password notifications to be sent to.

managing message defence preferences

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