Buying Laptops From The HBP Group vs. Online Retailers – What’s The Difference?

In today’s fast-paced world, having the right tools at your disposal is essential for staying productive and ahead of the competition. For many professionals and businesses, a laptop is the cornerstone of their work, making it crucial to invest in the latest and most powerful technology available.

Laptops From The HBP Group vs. Online

What difference does buying directly from us over online retailers make?

While major online retailers like Amazon offer a wide selection of laptops and PCs, there are number of important reasons why purchasing directly from us is the most efficient and cost-effective choice.

Embracing the Future: Keeping Pace with Technology

It’s not uncommon to find devices on Amazon that are several generations behind the latest models, which will present you with a whole host of issues and additional updates and costly configuration. One of the common pitfalls we see when it comes to buying devices from online retailers is compatibility issues with supported processors. Older computers can’t officially run Windows 11, so we only source devices which include 8th-generation and newer Intel Core processors as well as AMD Ryzen 2000-series processors and newer.

As part of the installation, we will always run updates to ensure devices are on the latest Windows Version, regardless of whether they’re newer or older models, bought by you or us. Common issues we see with customers who purchase their own devices, are:

  • Older generation processors: these come with fewer cores, meaning the workload is processed much slower than the latest generation, causing the device to crash or “hang”.
  • Insufficient memory and legacy components: this can lead to devices underperforming with limited expansion. If there is room to expand, it is only with legacy parts, as the latest parts aren’t compatible, which isn’t cost effective.
  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive) as opposed to SSD (Solid State Disk): HDDs are less reliable due to internal moving parts and on average 10x slower than SSD. If an SSD was required, the Operating System (Windows) would also need reinstalling, causing additional costs and time spent.
  • Incorrect operating system edition: Windows 10/11 Pro is the required edition for most businesses, which increases the cost by anywhere between £100.00 – £200.00. Oftentimes with devices, they come with Windows 10/11 Home, making the device appear to be much cheaper but if a Home edition is purchased it would need upgrading to Pro, resulting in additional labour and licence costs.

These updates result in extra costs of at least 3 hours labour, which translates to a minimum extra £315 on top of the price you paid! Not to mention adding an extra 2-3 hours to the setup process. When you choose to buy laptops directly from us, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most up-to-date models for the best price, and a device which has been expertly set up by an experienced engineer as part of the price you pay.

Seamless and Hassle-Free Setup

Ensuring that your laptop comes with the correct licences is of paramount importance. A common mistake we see with customers purchasing their own device is purchasing incorrect licences as part of the buying process. Without the correct professional licencing, you’ll experience a number of issues that will prevent you from performing even the most basic tasks of your role. Without the correct professional licence, you’ll experience issues accessing your business’ domain, which will have a knock-on effect accessing many common business applications. With our laptops, this will never be a concern, as each device comes with the necessary and proper licences, allowing you to focus on your work right from the get-go.

Tailored to Perfection: Spec’d for Your Unique Needs

No two users are exactly alike, and the same holds true for laptops. The right specifications are crucial to achieve optimal performance and productivity. From processor power to memory capacity and graphics capabilities, every detail matters. Buying from Amazon might mean compromising on the perfect specs, leading to subpar performance and inefficiencies. Our laptops, however, are carefully selected and custom-configured to meet your specific requirements, ensuring you have the ideal tool for the job.

Seamless Accessory Integration

Compatibility issues can quickly turn a seemingly simple setup into a frustrating ordeal. This is particularly true when trying to connect laptops with docks, monitors, webcams, and other accessories. Choosing a laptop from Amazon may leave you uncertain about whether it will play nicely with your existing setup. On the other hand, our laptops have been properly tested to work seamlessly with all the docks and accessories that we offer – accessories we know are effective and will be a good fit for employee. This guarantees a smooth integration process and saves you valuable time spent troubleshooting potential compatibility hiccups.

The Value of Investment: Beyond the Initial Cost

We understand that buying directly from us might appear to be a slightly more expensive option at first glance. However, it is essential to consider the substantial savings you gain in the long run. By investing in a laptop from us, you save a minimum of 3 hours of labour (valued at £315) during the initial setup alone. This is time that can be better spent focussing on your work or business, maximising productivity and efficiency.

Empowering Your Success With The Right PC or Laptop

We prioritise your success and productivity above all else. When you choose to buy laptops and PCs directly from us, you gain access to the very best, tried-and-tested technology, expert attention to detail and the assurance that your device is perfectly tailored to your needs. Avoid the frustrations of outdated devices and compatibility issues by investing in the future today.

With a number of options, we can guide you through the laptop and PC-buying process and source you the perfect device for your requirements. Say goodbye to time wasted on updates, incompatible accessories and poorly spec’d devices.

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