Device Management & Enrolment Baseline Pack

Microsoft’s Intune and Autopilot help with quicker device rollouts, standardises roll outs for easy end-user adoption and simplifies application updates; perfect for businesses that want to keep things up-to-date and roll out new users easily and consistently.


What’s included in the Device Management & Enrolment Baseline Pack?

Inconsistent set up causes more end user issues, more security risks and slower (and therefore more expensive) roll out of new devices, for either new or existing users. Our baseline pack configures the required profiles for your business, to allow for different types of users and sets up all of the required security measures to protect your existing, and future, devices across your organisation.

This includes:

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  • Configuration of standard profile rules, including set up of device sign-in, login security configuration using PIN protection, auto-sign in for common Microsoft products, such as OneDrive and Edge, device language and region settings, removal of unwanted software and configuration of our standard applications (Microsoft Office, anti-virus, Google Chrome and Adobe Reader).
  • Configuration of security settings to be used across all profiles, ensuring they meet the expected level of protection and are in-line with our baseline standards, as well as any specific security configurations agreed within the organisation.
  • Configuration of up to five profiles with a total of five additional applications in total across profiles. This allows for variations in applications, web filtering or any other profiles changes to be applied on a departmental or user type basis, making it easy to manage and update devices across the organisation regardless of different set ups.
  • Configuration of Identity Management across users and devices to allow for easy sign-in for end users across Microsoft products and to allow the management of devices through Microsoft Intune.
  • Enrolment of all devices to enable the roll-out of the relevant profiles ensuring each device is assigned the correct group/department and all of the related settings and software applications.
  • Configuration of reporting and analytics for devices on your network to allow for monitoring of application usage, and to identify potential security or compliance issues.

Please note, this does not include:

  • Configuration of desktop backgrounds, start menus or any device branding.
  • Management of mobile phones or tablets.
  • Set up of encryption rules for USBs or external storage devices.
  • Updating of applications within profiles.
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