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Complete Protect is the simplest way of choosing a cyber security package which meets the needs of your business and each pack has been created using our vast experience of the cyber security industry to protect you against the latest threats.

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After a discussion about your business, we’ll analyse your existing cyber security set up and recommended one our our packs to meet the needs of your organisation.

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We offer four levels of Cyber Protect with Basic, Standard, Advanced and Ultimate packages which increase in their level of protection, providing options to businesses with different requirements, data sensitivity, sizes and budgets.


Complete Protect: Basic Pack

Our most basic level of protection is for businesses on a budget or those with limited cyber risk due to low staff numbers, small amounts of important or sensitive data. The basic pack contains server and end user anti-virus, server and end user malware protection, anti-spam protection (with advanced threat protect) and our basic Microsoft 365 Hardening Pack, all of which provide protection for the most commonly used parts of your IT network.

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Complete Protect: Standard Pack

As well as the elements included in the basic pack, our Standard Complete Protect Pack is the level we recommend the vast majority of businesses to aim for as a minimum and also includes portable device encryption, month security patching (for servers and core infrastructure) and an increased level of protection for Microsoft 365 with our standard Hardening pack. All of these additional elements provide protection in key areas of your IT network.

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Complete Protect: Advanced Pack

For businesses who take their cyber security seriously our Advanced Pack provides a more comprehensive level of protection. In addition to the elements of the Standard Pack the Advanced Pack includes our Advanced Microsoft 365 Hardening Pack, quarterly external vulnerability scans, bi-weekly security patching (for servers and core infrastructure) as well as monthly security checks, system improvements and reports.

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Complete Protect: Ultimate Pack

For businesses who need the highest levels of protection in their organisations, our Ultimate level of protection adds further elements to the Advanced Pack with 24/7 proactive security monitoring and alerting, full two-factor authentication for applications across your business and mobile device management. We can also provide dark web trawling, Cyber Essentials (and CE+) certifications, cyber insurance and managed firewalls as required.

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The HBP Group Success StoryCore Prospects

Core Prospects is a family business in the health and social care sector who work with vulnerable adults. Working with them within a supported living environment, Core Prospects help them to gain independence and develop skills in order to require less support in the future. They work with local authorities and the NHS who commission them to provide the care and support and are continually looking to improve what they do and be the best they can be.

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We didn’t need to get Cyber Essentials but we wanted to because technology is essential to everything we do. Cyber security is important because we’re dealing with sensitive data. We’re dealing with medical records.

Leon Beccles, Managing Director, Core Prospects

The Key Components Of Complete Protect

Complete Protect combines a number of solutions and services provided by The HBP Group into simple to understand packages which provide different levels of protection for businesses. Some of the key solutions in our Cyber Protect packages are explained in more detail below.


Server & End User Anti-Virus

Protecting your servers and end users is the first step of any cyber security plan and anti-virus software is designed to pick up known threats and stop them in their tracks. As a leading provider of Sophos’ cyber security solutions we utilise Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced and Central Advanced for Server to provide an industry leading level of protection for your devices and users which also acts as the basis and central management platform for the whole Sophos product portfolio.

Included in Basic, Standard, Advanced and Ultimate packages as standard.


Server & End User Anti Malware

Advanced anti-virus software, such as Sophos Intercept X for Endpoint and Server, provides an intelligent barrier against modern and developing threats. Instead of identifying known threats like standard anti-virus software, Intercept X monitors software behaviors and prevents any malicious activity causing harm to your data or your devices. This protection includes anti-malware technology to prevent common attacks such as ransomware and similar malware attacks.

Included in Basic, Standard, Advanced and Ultimate packages as standard.


Anti Spam with ATP

Email has always been a huge source of cyber attacks and even today, it is still the most common way that businesses are targeted. Our Anti-Spam solutions automatically prevent potentially malicious emails reaching user inboxes and also allows them to teach the system which type of emails they do and don’t want to receive. ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) offers a further level of protection by alerting users about emails that could be harmful, or need additional care, such as those from unknown or untrusted email addresses.

Included in Basic, Standard, Advanced and Ultimate packages as standard.


Microsoft Office 365 Hardening Packs

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 have a huge number of security features that help to keep your data protected and your users safe. However, ‘out-of-the-box’ these features are not configured or set up. Our Hardening Packs (available at basic, standard or advanced levels) ensure that each of these features is set up to meet the requirements of your business so that you not only stay protected, but you also get maximum value from your existing 365 subscription.

Included in Basic, Standard, Advanced and Ultimate packages as standard.


Microsoft 365 2FA

2FA, or Two Factor Authentication, for Microsoft and Office 365 provides protection against credential harvesting attacks that attempt to steal user passwords, or trick users into giving them away. With 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled and set up correctly, users will authenticate any login attempts to their 365 account (including their email account) using a mobile phone app or 2FA token, making it impossible for someone to login to their account without it.

Optional in our Basic package and included in Standard, Advanced and Ultimate packages as standard.


Portable Device Encryption

As more and more employees begin to use portable devices, such as laptops, to carry out their work, your company data is at more risk of loss or theft. By encrypting the data on your portable devices it removes the risk of a lost or stolen laptop resulting in data loss. Not only does this provide an excellent level of protection but it is also in line with GDPR guidance and would exempt you from the the need to self-report the incident.

Optional in our Basic package and included in Standard, Advanced and Ultimate packages as standard.


Monthly or Quarterly Security Patching

Cyber criminals pry on opportunities to find easy ways into IT networks and an un-patched system can provide this opening. Software patches contain vital security updates which ‘fix’ known issues that hackers have been known to exploit, which is why our quarterly patching service is the minimum level we recommend to our customers. Patches will be carried out by one of our expert engineers on all servers and core infrastructure to keep things up to date and protected against known exploits.

Optional in our Basic package and included in Standard.


External/Internal Vulnerability Scan

Our vulnerability scans look for potential issues with the way that your IT network is configured and being used. In order to carry out your normal work certain areas of your IT system may need to be visible to users both internally and externally. Whilst this is fine, our checks ensure that they are set up correctly, no unexpected changes have been made and that anything that could be locked down, or made more secure, is checked and updated accordingly.

Optional in our Basic and Standard packages. Carried out quarterly for Advanced and Ultimate packages.


Monthly End User Training & Testing

Despite the advancements in cyber security software, users can still provide a loophole for cyber criminals to access your data or to steal money. Targeting users through social engineering is common practice so we strongly advise our customers to have a thorough training and testing procedure. Using Sophos Phish Threat we will set up monthly campaigns which will both train and test your users by sending them emails which mimic phishing emails. You will be able to see reports on any staff that have opened the emails or clicked any links in them as well as being able to direct staff to specific training courses to sharpen up their knowledge.

Optional in our Basic and Standard packages. Included in our Advanced and Ultimate packages.


Monthly Security Checks & System Improvements

As well as making the best use of cyber security software to protect your organisation, we also recommend regular human checks to not only provide protection in areas that software can’t cover, but also to provide a common sense approach to your overall strategy. One of our expert engineers will spend time carrying out any tasks that could compromise your IT system as well as looking at any changes or modifications needed to your cyber security strategy. Because cyber security and cyber threats are constantly evolving, it is important to regularly monitor this in case anything is not covered by your current set up.

Optional in our Basic and Standard packages. Included in our Advanced and Ultimate packages.


24/7 Proactive Security Monitoring & Alerting

Because cyber attacks can happen at any time our 24/7 security monitoring and alerting solution provide you with round the clock access to our team of security experts who will be alerted to any suspicious activity as it happens.

When alerted they will access your systems to investigate the alert and take any necessary measures. Failed attempts to breach your IT system can be missed cyber security software (as they will be triggered on a successful breach), so by managing and monitoring any kind of cyber-attack, successful or not, we can stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Optional in our Basic, Standard and Advanced packages. Included in our Ultimate package.


Full Two Factor Authentication

As an alternative to Microsoft 365 2FA, we recommended Duo 2FA (two factor authentication) which can protect the vast majority of software packages your business will use, as well as your devices themselves. With Duo 2FA enabled users will be promoted to approve any login attempts on their devices, email account and any other protected software packages.

This means that if their passwords are lost or stolen, cyber criminals will not be able to access your systems unless the authentication request is approved, providing an excellent level of protection against a very common threat.

Optional in our Basic, Standard and Advanced packages. Included in our Ultimate package.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices, particularly smart phones and tablets, contain sensitive business information and therefore need to be considered and protected as part of your cyber security strategy.

With Mobile Device Management (MDM) from Sophos you not only have the ability to encrypt these device in case of loss or theft, but you can also control access to business data on the devices and even wipe the data (or the entire phone contents) if the device is lost, stolen or if an employee were to leave your organisation.

Optional in our Basic, Standard and Advanced packages. Included in our Ultimate package.


Dark Web Trawling

The Dark Web is a term coined to group websites that keep themselves hidden from popular search engines and whose locations are often only known and used by cyber criminals. This group of websites is often where stolen data is shared and sold.
By trawling the Dark Web for instances of your company name, email address, usernames and passwords we can identify if any of your data has been lost or stolen at any time in the past as well as monitoring for any recent data. If found, we can take the necessary measures needed to change passwords and assess where the leak may have originated for in order to update to your security.

Optional on all packages.


Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essential Plus

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are government accredited schemes that provide a framework for best practice cyber security. As well as providing guidance on levels of software protection they also set out policies and procedures required to stay protected and an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure that your levels of security are preserved.

Our certification services ensure that your cyber security strategy meets all of the requirements for your chosen scheme, and prepares everything so that it is ready to pass on to an accredited body to award your certificate.

Optional on all packages.


Cyber Insurance

Insuring your business against financial loss as a result of a cyber attack provides you with an additional level of peace-of-mind should something happen.

With a robust cyber security strategy in place, we can work with you and one of our recommended insurance providers to find a level of protection that meets your needs and supply all relevant information to the insurer on your behalf.

Optional on all packages.

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