Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Baseline Pack

Windows Defender is an anti-virus and anti-malware solution which provides all of the protection a business needs from modern cyber threats and ensures that it is updated in real-time to protect against the latest risks, has built-in network protection, includes web-filtering to protect against malicious websites and website categories, as well as provide device encryption and intelligent diagnostics tools, to help provide support in the event of any data breach related issues.


What’s included in the Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Baseline Pack?

Our baseline pack configures each of the above elements, ensuring that different levels of web control are considered throughout the business, our best practices are implemented to protect your devices and the software is rolled out to all devices and servers as required.

This includes:

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  • Configuration of Microsoft “Attack Surface Reduction” rules, which prevent common methods used to attack a device, such as restricting the ability to run suspicious scripts, launch executable files and perform any behaviours which would be unexpected in normal day-to-day work.
  • Configuration of anti-virus policies in line with our best practice settings, including web filtering, real time monitoring, scanning of removeable media, script scanning, signature recognition, PUA (potentially unwanted application) blocking as well as setting up schedules for regular scanning and updates. Please note, as standard social media and recruitment sites are not blocked unless requested.
  • Once our baseline is configured, we will create up to 4 separate policies to adjust web filtering (e.g., which website categories staff members are allowed on) and roll out to the relevant devices and servers as required.
  • We will configure access required for our future management of the solution and, if used, set up Microsoft Intune for remote management and device roll out in the future.
  • Installation of anti-virus on devices (and servers if required) and removal of existing anti-virus software from existing devices.
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