1 Sentence That Shows Why You Need To Upgrade From Your Free Accounts Software

Whether you’re a builder, baker, a graphic designer or a gardener – you’re working for (or own!) a business.

Chances are at this stage you’ve employed some software to keep your affairs in order – pen, paper and a bottom draw are no longer sufficient tools in 2017. But we have a range of complex business demands and thus, sophisticated software is required to keep up.

When considering a solution, the immediate reflex is often to hop on google and find some free business management or accounting software, download it and crack on without thinking for a second about specialised solutions.

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Why Upgrade?

While the ‘anything is better than nothing’ approach is certainly fine some of the time, using free software could mean you’re missing out on a whole host of features that change the way a business operates for the best.
So why upgrade from your free software? You’re comfortable, you’ve become proficient in it, why spend more? Well, to put it simply; upgrading is an investment…

Investing in the way your business works is the best investment you can make.

Markets crash, bubbles burst, and products come and go – but business, at its core, rarely changes. If you’ve invested in your business processes, admin and financial software – the foundations you lay will become invaluable.

Put your money into the fundamentals of your operation and you’ll see the benefits instantly.
Did you know that over 91% of businesses with over 11 employees have invested money on business software? CRM, accounts and management platforms have become essential tools in keeping a business operating like it must to stay ahead and keep profitable in 2017.
If you’re still just using excel (or worse, pen and paper) then fear not, there’s time to upgrade and join the working world with specialist accounting software.
But where do you start? If you’re ready to invest in yourself then we have a few recommendations.

Opera 3:

Pegasus Opera 3 is an innovative accounting software solution based upon a modular development system that is perfect for businesses of any size that operates in the distribution, wholesale, construction and service industries.
Incorporating a state of the art ‘modular’ system, Opera 3 is a flexible and adaptable accounting and business software solution that is perfect for businesses with a turnover of £1 Million to £50 Million. This robust and reliable solution will allow you to control your finances, manage your entire supply chain from end to end and collate your customer and business data in one simple package.
Opera 3 combines the best in a range of contemporary features to create a solid and extensive software solution that can handle all your business processes down to CRM, HR and Payroll services.
The Opera 3 Modular system means that you can customise the functionality of your software and fine-tune the details that enable you to use Opera exactly as your business requires you to. Adapt and expand your software alongside your business to meet your needs as you grow.

Sage 50c:

Sage 50c is an innovative accounting software solution for small to medium sized businesses. Combining a range of contemporary and effective features, 50c is a simple desktop solution for your finance and accounting requirements.
Affordable and effective, Sage 50c is an out-of-the-box accounting software package that capitalises on the seamless utilisation of numerous features such as Microsoft Office integration, invoicing solutions and a host of automated processes that produce a robust and efficient application that is as powerful as it is intuitive.
Trusted by over 400,000 businesses, Sage 50c comes in 3 different packages that offer varying levels of access to the extensive Sage features, ranging from full access in Sage 50c Professional to slightly limited features in the 50c Essentials package 50c is an efficient and effective accounting solution for the modern business.
Depending on the size of your business and the extent of your intended usage, any of the packages could be right for you. Get in touch to discuss your options with the Sage 50c packages. Sage 50c is intended for businesses with 5-99 employees and can support up to 20 users with the pro package – other packages support 2 users.

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